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Court ruling sees Apple 'massacre' Psystar

Psystar clone
Psystar may as well throw in the towel now

A year and a half after hitting the headlines for angering Apple by selling OS X software on non-Apple hardware, it appears to be game over for Psystar, after it lost the key initial stages of its legal battle to survive.

Before the action even made it to trial, a California court granted Apple's motion for summary judgement on copyright and other issues, while Psystar lost its own motions [PDF].

Nowhere to hide

The upshot is that the California trial will be about lesser issues, such as breach of contract, essentially leaving Psystar with nowhere to hide.

At the core of the current judgements is the fact that the Mac clone vendor has been copying, altering and then selling on Apple's software, which renders most other arguments moot.

Second case similar

There is a second case involving Apple and Psystar before the courts in Florida, although that's unlikely to see anything terribly encouraging for the smaller company either.

Legal specialist website Groklaw put things succinctly, saying: "Psystar just got what's coming to them in the California case... It's a total massacre."