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Apple ready for fight over Nano-SIM standard

Apple ready for fight over Nano-SIM standard
Apple's Nano-SIM tech is around two thirds the size of the Micro-SIM within the iPhone 4S

Apple's proposals to make its tiny Nano-SIM the new standard for mobile phones in Europe faces strong opposition from rival manufacturers pushing their own tech.

The Nano-SIM, which is even smaller than the Micro-SIM that lives within the iPhone 4S, also contains additional information, including the user's 'mobile identity.'

Apple reportedly pitched the technology to the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) in 2011 after wooing a number of manufacturers.

However, the Financial Times believes that Motorola, Nokia and RIM are all hoping the ETSI will choose their own variations of the technology as the next SIM standard.

Apple playing dirty pool?

To complicate matters, Apple has attempted to boost its own influence ahead of next week's poll by registering six European subsidies with the ETSI, each of which carries voting power.

Nokia currently holds the most votes and is believed to be the manufacturer most adverse to Apple's plans.

With Motorola now in the hands of Google it seems safe to say that's another manufacturer which won't be backing Apple.

With all that in mind, the FT reckons that the new standard is still very much up for grabs. Watch this space.