Google launches free analytics for Android apps

Google launches free analytics for Android apps
Measure your Android apps success

Google have finally launched a version of their free Google analytics solution aimed at Android app developers. The new Mobile Apps Analytics suite is currently in Beta and allows developers and businesses to measure what their app users are doing on their mobile devices.

Google explains they're launched the suite to enable mobile developers and marketers to "create more successful apps and user experiences by measuring metrics at all stages" from user acquisition through engagement and on to outcomes like in-app purchases.

Measure your mobile acquisition with Mobile Apps Analytics

Measure your mobile acquisition with Mobile Apps Analytics

The dashboard for the Mobile Apps Analytics suite will feature acquisition information including;

  • New and active users – The number of new and active users who launch your app everyday and analyse your most valuable segments.
  • Google Play traffic sources – Identifies which traffic sources are driving new users and in-app conversions through Google Play to fine-tune your marketing initiatives.
  • App versions - keep track of the distribution of active users over the older and newer versions of your app so you know what to support.
  • Device overview - check out the top mobile devices and OS versions that your app runs on, and optimize the experience for each device.

Measure your mobile engagement with Mobile Apps Analytics

Measure your mobile acquisition with Mobile Apps Analytics

Engagement reports include:

  • User behaviour - Assess how loyal your users are, how frequently they use the app, and the engagement level of each loyalty group.
  • Engagement flow - Visually see the screens, actions and paths users take to move throughout your application in order to optimize usage.
  • App crashes - See trends in crashes and exceptions that will help you troubleshoot problems on certain devices and operating systems.

Users of the suite will also be able to see information about the impact their app is having on their bottom line with reports on

  • Goal conversions – You can set up conversion events in your app, like spending 10 minutes in the app, or clicking on ads to gauge success.
  • In-App purchases - if you sell virtual or tangible goods in your app, you can measure the number of purchases and the revenue generated.

The analytics suite will also give mobile developers a deeper understanding of how the user interacts with the app by revealing what portions of your page are visible to which percentages of visitor, and showing custom and automatic alerts in the suite.

The suite is still in beta and many of the functions above may not be available immediately, Google intend to roll this out gradually and have promised everything will be available by "the end of the summer."

Additionally there's a new Analytics app available on the Play store that allows developers to see all of their stats while out on the road.