RIM boss Heins says there's 'something else' beyond phones tablets for BB10

RIM boss Heins says there's 'something else' beyond phones and tablets for BB10
What other BB10 devices could RIM be working on?

The BlackBerry 10 operating system will not be confined to smartphones and tablets, with CEO Thorsten Heins revealing RIM has 'something else' in mind.

Speaking to The Verge, Heins, who has been on a massive media offensive in the last week, says he sees BB10 as a mobile computing platform, rather than just a smartphone OS.

He said: "I want BlackBerry 10 to be the mobile computing platform of choice, for various segments, not just smartphones or tablets."

He added that: "A smartphone is an expression of it, so is a tablet... but so is something else we're working on. We're open to many ideas."

Heins 57?

There's been little to no speculation that RIM has further plans beyond the obvious for the crucial BB10 OS, now due in January 2013, so the quotes are very intriguing

What could Heins mean? Could he be talking about BlackBerry laptops? Smart watches? Dedicated media players? Or a new category altogether?

Other highlights from the interview include RIM's openness to licensing BB10, why the company is in a better position than Nokia and why it'll never consider adopting Android. It's definitely worth a read.

So, are there any other mobile devices you'd like to see infused with a hint of BlackBerry? Let us know in the comments section below.

Via: TheVerge

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