Microsoft to push out next preview build of Windows 10 Redstone very soon

Windows 10

Apparently Microsoft is working hard to get the next preview build of Windows 10 Redstone out of the door in short order – and we should expect something to arrive very soon...

Or at least that's the case as WinBeta reports, with the tech site spotting a tweet from Gabe Aul, Vice President, WDG Engineering Systems at Microsoft.

Aul was replying to a question from a Windows preview addict who asked for an indication of when the next build would become available, and he tweeted: "We're working to get one out pretty quickly."

So we should hopefully expect to see something new in the next week or two, barring any major hitches rearing their ugly heads or similar last-minute problems.

The last Windows 10 preview build released was version 11082 (the first Redstone build) which was deployed to the Fast Ring in mid-December, and involved a lot of smoothing over following feedback on the major November update (which changed a lot, and inevitably caused some problems).

Indeed, build 11082 gave birth to some bugbears of its own by all accounts, and part of the reason for getting an updated build out quickly is doubtless to cure these issues.

Last month, Microsoft announced that builds would be delivered to the Fast Ring in swifter fashion – it has been criticised in the past for being a relatively slow fast lane – and Aul himself promised that Microsoft is going to pick up the pace considerably. Maybe this is the start of that gear change…

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