HP moves on cloud storage and data with new ConvergedSystem

HP has it converged

HP has announced three new products this week at its 'Discover' conference in Barcelona.

Designed to manage specific workloads within datacentres, the three systems (under the umbrella term HP ConvergedSystem) aim to help organisations and businesses cope with data needs by simplifying core systems. It achieves this by increasing the speed of deployment to, and recovery from, large data stores and cloud services.

'ConvergedSystem for Virtualisation' is designed to scale computer resources with preconfigured modular systems supporting up to 1,000 virtual machines "out of the box". 'Virtualisation' appears to replace the former HP VirtualSystem, released in 2011 and now being discontinued.

For data analysis, HP offers 'ConvergedSystem 300 for Vertica', which claims to turn large chunks of data into insights at up to 1,000 times faster than comparable solutions. It, and its larger 700 version, are targeted at small and large shops respectively.

First "PC on a chip"

Based off the HP Moonshot processor, the '100 for Hosted Desktops' system is the first "PC on a chip" architecture housed in a cartridge. It offers faster performance for applications and business graphics for desktop, remote and mobile users within a business' workplace.

All three of the systems under the ConvergedSystems umbrella are offered with a single support service, covering all system components and software.

HP has said that ConvergedSystem builds upon the knowledge it gained from its CloudSystem for managing data clouds.

On the storage side of things, HP is offering a single architecture covering backup, archiving and primary storage. Called HP Converged Storage, it offers businesses the opportunity to "accelerate their journey to the new style of IT". Its StoreAll Archive claims to be 100,000 times faster at the extraction of usable data than traditional methods.

The systems are planned for release in Spring 2014 with prices starting from $760 per user (£462, AU$833)