Mobile Industry Awards 2020: Startup of the Year is Kid-A

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Start-ups have the agility and freedom to be creative, act decisively and seize opportunities, identifying gaps in the market and deliver real innovation. 

Start-up of the Year is a new category for the Mobile Industry Awards 2020 that rewards this entrepreneurial spirit. The award was open to any business less than two years old operating in the UK, and above all, recognises innovation, commercial success and contribution to the nation's mobile industry.

Our entrants were asked to submit entries based on the following criteria:

  • What makes this product innovative and why is it unique to the market?
  • Showcase and demonstrate the number of partners who have benefited from this product and how it has allowed them to grow their business
  • Demonstrate commercial and financial success over the last 12 months
  • Showcase how you have diversified revenue streams through this innovation

Our 2020 finalists:

Genuine Case Company

Genuine Case Company was established in September 2019 by industry veterans Roy Taylor and Jason Kemp with the intention of creating stylish high-quality phone protection accessories. 

The firm has secured European distribution with Amazon (as a direct vendor) and its launch partners included eBay, Go Mobile, Get Connected and Techhouse. 

It also works closely with Alcatel to support operators, retailers, and corporate resellers and is launching CAT-branded cases and screen protectors. It is hoping for calendar year sales of 200,000 units with a 70:30 split between distribution and direct to consumer channels.


Kid-A was founded by two former Vodafone colleagues, Adam Toms and Andy Silcock, who wanted to disrupt the mobile accessories space by working more closely with operators to help them harness the full power of their direct channels and increase sales. 

Kid-A’s ambition to be creative, innovative and, above all, different. It’s why the firm named itself after Radiohead’s fourth album, which was a huge departure from the band’s previous efforts. The company considers itself to be like that album – uniquely innovative in an exciting industry that has been dominated by the same brands.


Vendi is a peer-to-peer (P2P) marketplace for verified phones that removes the risk and hassle from private buying and selling. Buyers purchase devices through an application and the payment is blocked until the seller’s phone is verified. 

Verification is handled by a network of independent repair shops, supported by university channels (including UCL) and a secure referral programme. Vendi is on a mission to make P2P mainstream and the user base is growing every month.

And our 2020 winner is... Kid-A!

Mobile Industry Awards Director Mark Fermor said: “This category was one of the highlights of the 2020 MIAs. It was apparent that all of our finalists have been able to create amazing businesses with strong support and potential. 

"However, Adam and Andy’s ability to demonstrate steady growth, strong financials, innovation and a relationship driven approach, coupled with some awesome partnerships is the reason why they were our winner. Congratulations to all entrants, especially our 2020 winner Kid-A.”

(Image credit: Future)

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