Microsoft Outlook update will close off a nasty security loophole

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A new update for Microsoft Outlook is coming is set to close off a nasty security loophole within the next few weeks.

An entry on the Microsoft 365 roadmap describes how the email client will soon provide “consistent access control” on protected emails for delegates and shared mailbox members.

This entails a new setting for delegates or shared mailbox members that have full access to the owner’s mailbox, but are not allowed to read encrypted email. The new setting will block the owner’s protected email access, covering ad-hoc encrypted email, as well as emails with protected MIP sensitivity labels. 

Rebuilding Outlook from the ground up

The new feature is expected to reach general availability in April 2022, and will be arriving on Android, Web, Mac, iOS, as well as for standard multi-tenant worldwide cloud instances.

Microsoft has been building up an entirely new Outlook app for both Windows 10 and Windows 11 as it looks to embrace the new hybrid working world.

These newest changes, being built under codename “Project Monarch,” are expected to reboot the Outlook app completely, making it more in line with how Windows 11 looks and feels. It should also cater more towards hybrid and remote workers, as well as the modern workplace that relies more heavily on the cloud.

In the May 2021 update for Office Insiders, the new new One Outlook design was shown inadvertently, with a user interface that looks reminiscent of the new Paint app in Windows 11.

Last September, Microsoft also advertised that can be designated as the default email client for mailto: links.

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