Are Google and Microsoft pushing Asus to kill its dual-OS devices?

Are Google and Microsoft pushing Asus to kill its dual-OS devices?
More signs that the Duet won't get off the ground

While we'd already heard a rumour that Google was unhappy about Android sharing a bed with Windows, we're now being told that Microsoft is just as uncomfortable with the idea - and the pair are pressuring Asus to kill its dual-OS PCs.

The main device in question is Asus' upcoming Android/Windows Dual-OS Transformer Book Duet TD30, which would have helped push Windows into more users' hands, but probably wouldn't have been hugely beneficial for Google.

Now the Wall Street Journal reports that both Google and Microsoft are pressuring Asus to postpone the sale of the convertible.

Sad song

Also, according to an alleged internal Asus memo, the Taiwanese company will also stop selling its Transformer AiO P1801 and P1802 dual-OS PCs.

And yet we're also hearing that Android and Windows will be cosying up in a Huawei handset in the second quarter of this year.

Perhaps the two are happier sharing a phone, or perhaps there's no truth to any of this – we're chasing up with Asus now to see if we can clarify the matter.

Hugh Langley

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