Western Digital releases ultra-low powered data center drive

WD Re+
WD Re+

Western Digital has introduced a collection of new data center hard drives that claim to have the lowest power consumption of any high capacity 3.5-inch drive on the market today.

The WD Re+ range is the newest part of WD's full, tiered portfolio of high capacity data center storage drives and arrives on the same day as the incumbent Re and Se product lines see a new 6TB capacity added to their respective ranges.

The SATA 6Gb/s WD Re+ hard drive family features a five-platter platform that brings with it a mix of low power consumption, high capacity, and reliability and affordability. The range also provides 1.2m hours Mean Time to Failure to produce increased vibration tolerance plus a high intensity workload and reliability rating of 550TB-per-year workload - the highest workload capabilities of any WD 3.5-inch drive.

Shipping now

It also includes a raft of other features shared with the Re range including vibration protection, dual actuator technology, StableTrac, multi-axis shock sensor, RAID-specific time-limited error recovery, NoTouch ramp load technology, thermal extended burn-in test, dynamic fly height technology, a dual processor, and 3D Active Balance Plus.

Shipping begins immediately to customers for qualification and WD Re+ drives are covered by a five-year limited warranty. The new Re and Se 6TB drives, meanwhile, will be available for qualification next quarter.