Cheap all-flash storage signals the demise of the data center

Data Centre

The days of traditional data centers are well and truly numbered as all-flash storage systems continue to push the boundaries in terms of performance, according to HP.

First reported by The Inquirer, HP's 3Par all-flash storage system has allowed it to offer high performance storage to its customers without having to raise prices with traditional data centers being hit hard.

"There is now a compelling moment where our customers can transition from expensive legacy storage environments to all-flash data centre data arrays, delivering that performance, scale and massive cost reduction that flash is delivering," said Chris Johnson, EMEA vice president and general manager at HP.

Johnson went on to add that a lot of its intelligence is being channeled into ways of creating cost reductions and cheaper ways to store the same level of data.

"That creates quite a lot of disruption and you have probably seen the market become very quickly crowded in the storage space," Johnson added.

Not just HP

HP is by no means the only one pushing all-flash data center storage. SanDisk brought out a new range of ioDrive PCIe and mezzanine flash cards that cut costs and bring huge uplifts in performance compared to previous incarnations.

Google, meanwhile, reportedly agreed to a deal to use Samsung 3D NAND flash memory chips in its data centers with Amazon, Apple and even Facebook looking at using the technology in a similar way.