Bitcasa's shift to regional data storage is designed to improve privacy and speed

Bitcasa Cloud Developers
Bitcasa CEO Brian Taptich (Credit: TechCrunch)

Cloud storage company Bitcasa will now store data for US, Asian-Pacific, Japanese and European customers within their respective regions, the company said in a statement. Data localization is designed to allow Bitcasa to provide faster performance and improved privacy.

Bitcasa launched this initiative in order to move away from sending user data back to the US, regardless of the user’s location. By creating regionalized storage Bitcasa says it is less likely to have data intercepted and monitored by unwanted parties.

The company has also announced an initiative that will enable it to allow customers to store data in whatever region they choose. Japanese users will be able to store their data in Europe and vice versa. The program will begin “in the coming months,” according to Bitcasa.

What Bitcasa does...

Bitcasa's stores more than 40 petabytes of data for customers in 140 countries.

Last month, Bitcasa launched a service dedicated to enabling application developers to innovate cloud storage faster, and more cost effectively. The solution, Bitcasa CloudFS Platform, was designed to give developers the opportunity to more easily create file sharing, file management, media transcoding and encryption technology.

Bitcasa was founded in 2011. In April, the company partnered with Huawei, Samsung and Telefónica to launch devices pre-loaded with Bitcasa designed to enable customers to better manage and access digital content.