RS Components launches Raspberry Pi bundles

Raspberry Pi
Created for schools, put to work in business

Electronics distributor RS Components has made two product bundles available for Raspberry Pi, which it says saves 20% on the cost of buying the items separately.

One of the bundles is a Raspberry Pi Model A board with 256MB RAM and an 8GB SD card, and the other is a Model B board with 512MB RAM and an 8GB SD card. The cards have pre-installed Raspberry Pi Foundation New Out of Box Software (NOOBS), which is recommended for first time Pi users.

NOOBS gives the user a choice of operating systems to install, including Raspbian, Pidor and two versions of XBMC.

Affordability ethos

Glen Jarrett, Global Head of Product Marketing for RS Components, said: "The whole ethos of the Raspberry Pi is about providing an affordable, inclusive environment for enthusiasts and young people around the world to develop their interest and skills in computer programming, irrespective of background."

While Raspberry Pi was initially developed for schools, some businesses are also making use of the low cost, single board computer for purposes such as software development, monitoring connectivity problems and building dashboards for business intelligence.