FIFA 22 Career Mode: top tips and tricks for success

FIFA 22 Career Mode
A footballer over a goal post with adoring fans clamoring in the stands in FIFA 2022 Career Mode. (Image credit: EA)

Even with the new iteration stocking the shelves, FIFA 22 Career Mode still holds water. 

Since the relesase of FIFA 2023, fans of the popular game mode have flocked back to the title that started it all to finesse their skills.

In a stunning overhaul from the previous year, FIFA 22 Career Mode allows you to create your own football club and customize everything from your team crest to kit aesthetics and even establish your own board expectations. It features new cinematic animations during changing room sequences which are influenced by your team’s recent performance on the pitch. 

Elsewhere, Player Career has been expanded to push harder on the RPG elements, incorporating a skill tree to support the growth of your footballer’s career. This provides layers of authenticity as you vie for a spot in the starting eleven. 

To help you get your head around it, we’re going to break down Career Mode in FIFA 22 and offer some tips to help you make the most of this revamped experience. Regardless of whether you’re new to the beautiful game or a returning player, our guide will help you lead your chosen squad to glory

FIFA 22 Career Mode

FIFA 22 Career Mode tips: Bypass training days

A footballer about to strike the ball during a match in FIFA 22 Career Mode.

(Image credit: EA)

It’s a tiny tweak, but by selecting the Advancement Interruptions option in the main FIFA 22 Career Mode screen, you can now summon an option to bypass training days when you’re simulating your season. This means you don’t have to go through the arduous process of being halted and forced to quick sim every training session. Of course, if you love training your team then don’t use it, but it’s very handy for getting through the years quicker, and when you simulate the training session it will take your best grade so far, so it’s not like it’s hurting your team if you can put a good shift in the first time you complete the skill game. This also works for email messages, if they bothered you in the past.

FIFA 22 Career Mode tips: Use interactive match sim

The interactive match simulator table in FIFA 22 Career Mode.

(Image credit: EA)

This feature arrived in FIFA 21 but it’s still just as revolutionary. If you choose to simulate a Career Mode match you can now watch over it on a Football Manager-style screen, and jump in whenever things aren’t going as well as you might have hoped. It’s another way to get through the seasons quicker, but if you watch it carefully, you can also slip in to flip a game on its head or score a legendary free kick. Take advantage of it!

FIFA 22 Career Mode tips: Remember your manager

Your manager rating in FIFA 22 Career Mode.

(Image credit: EA)

If you prefer Player Career over Manager Career, my first piece of advice is to play as your own created player rather than an actual player. This is because it opens up a whole skill tree, an attribute selection screen and gives you perks to unlock. Whereas, if you play as say, Jack Grealish, you’ll only be able to boost his stats and value, and you’ll have less control over the footballer’s overall trajectory. 

Once you’re in a Player Career, you also want to make the most of the new Match Objectives system to secure your place in the starting eleven. You can boost an objective before a game to challenge yourself more and earn extra XP, which will please your manager. I’ve found it’s easier to play as the whole team and just make sure that your character is getting a good amount of the ball, as calling for passes correctly can be really tricky. Take care when specializing too and make sure you’re not just a jack of all trades but that your player excels in a certain discipline, else your manager might think twice about starting you.

FIFA 22 Career Mode tips: transfer negotiations

A group of footballers running towards the ball before a player strikes it in a match in FIFA 22 Career Mode.

(Image credit: EA)

When you’re nurturing young prospects and fleshing out your team as a new manager, you need to be realistic when you negotiate. First of all, make sure you scout any players you’re interested in way ahead of the transfer market deadline to get an idea of their asking price. And consider that if you’re trying to poach some young talent from an established club, they’re not going to just let them go easily. Be prepared to pay more for youngsters with prospects than you might for a solid established player. When you’ve found a fair asking price, don’t overdo it, but a few million here and there will always grease the palms. You can almost always push contract length up or down by one year depending on the player’s position too, so use that to your advantage.

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