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Adobe Contribute CS3 review

A simple tool to update websites remotely

To update content, CS3 uses the system of browse, edit and then publish

Our Verdict

A valuable product that helps you develop and maintain web content


  • Easy, intuitive interface

    Simple to learn

    Provides blog and web content updates

    Uses Dreamweaver templates

    Make simple updates yourself


  • Some MS Office support is PC only

To ensure you get repeat traffic to your website, the content must be dynamic. Traditionally, web developers update web content, but Contribute makes updating simple for the layperson, too. Adobe's Contribute CS3 enables you to revise or replace graphics, text, table content, or add pages, even if you didn't design the site. You just need a password from the administrator.

To update content, CS3 uses the system of browse, edit, publish: find a page to update, download it, edit it, then publish the new content to the website. A person designated as Contributor Administrator controls who makes changes and what elements can be updated, and also determines whether updates are published immediately or need to be reviewed before publication. Key elements such as the company logo can be protected from modification.

It's impressive how much control a non-technical person can gain. Contribute can also modify web pages created by different software, though you can only add new pages from templates if you work with Dreamweaver. Supported weblogs that can be edited include Blogger, Wordpress and Typepad, and supported weblog APIs include RSD, Metaweblog, Movable Type and Atom APIs. The user just needs a password from the site administrator.

You can also update content through supported browsers, which means Firefox 2 on the Mac. The CS3 version adds in support for updating Flash and PDFs. The one drawback is to do with editing content from MS Office applications - this is a PC-only option at present.

Although some Contribute CS3 features are not supported on the Mac, this application is still a worthwhile timesaver for companies needing to make quick updates to their websites. And having multiple contributors updating the site can be a real boon for creating that dynamic content.