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The Daily review

The Daily ushers in a new dawn for iPad newspapers with rich multimedia content

The Daily
Currently the best newspaper app for the iPad, but it's not without its flaws


  • Good use of multimedia content
  • Glossy experience


  • Slow page loading
  • Unintuitive interface
  • Content needs improving

Ever since it came out, the iPad has been held up as the saviour of newspapers, but it's taken until now for any of the world's publishing giants to really put the money behind it to see what it can do. The Daily is Murdoch and Jobs' big push – an iPad-exclusive, multimedia-heavy newspaper, with a $30 million launch and a full team churning out content.

Oddly, while OK, it's surprisingly rough around its glossy edges. Despite the money that's gone into it, reading The Daily is an uncomfortable experience, with pages that often load slowly – especially when they contain animations – and an inconsistent interface.

You'll often flip a page and be treated to a pretty picture, but it's not immediately obvious whether you're expected to tap it, turn the iPad or wait for something else to load.

One example of this is the internal hyperlinks – you instinctively tap a story's name to try to load it, but nothing happens. Instead, you have to tap the little circle next to it. On most pages you swipe to flip pages, but on the front cover of the issue we read, doing so only panned around the cover image.

Some sections had intro pages, like 'Arts & Life'. Others jump straight into content, as with 'Gossip'. Even when you do hit stories, they're often short and unsatisfying.

The Daily still does tablet publishing better than anyone else. It presents a wonderfully glossy experience, and is a great starting point.

Hopefully future issues will put more thought into content and feel, and other publishers will learn from it when launching tablet-based publications.

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