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Shuttle XP17 TempAG V2 review

If attention to detail is important, take a look at this

Our Verdict

It's fabulously stylish, but the Shuttle doesn't give the screen performance it suggests


  • The fastest pixel response

    Wonderful looking chassis

    Build quality is top dollar


  • Average viewing angles

    It's expensive for what it delivers

    Accuracy/brightness/contrast not good

More famed for its small form factor PCs, Shuttle is a company that hasn't been on the radar of most Mac enthusiasts. But its displays should be, as the company often gets surprisingly close to something called 'style'.

Shuttle's build quality is excellent and, clearly, no expense has been spared on this 17-inch LCD display. Attention to detail abounds, from the aluminium alloy chassis frame with integrated grab handle, to the protective tempered-glass screen cover and backlit badge.

This is a screen designed with entertainment firmly in mind. There's no hiding the fact that it was originally intended for PC gamers on the move; there's a handle so dedicated gamers can carry it between gaming events! But don't let a simple fact put you off. There's plenty of class here for the Mac enthusiast, not least that it's the perfect accompaniment to a Power Mac G5. Both DVI and VGA connectivity are on offer.

Pitched as a gaming monitor with a fast 8ms rating, we're disappointed with the pixel response performance. Don't get us wrong, this is a quick enough panel for most purposes. But, subjectively, it's not as responsive as some 8ms screens we've seen. Plus, the viewing angles are nothing special, compared with the flawless showing put in by one or two panels in this test. Otherwise, the brightness is strong and the whites clean and clear.

The XP17's colour fidelity also impresses, with this being one of the few LCDs capable of drawing a near-perfect tone gradient. The result is effortless detail.

So aside from the tremendous looks, it's a good all-rounder, but £400 is crazy money for a 17- inch LCD. And that's the XP17's Achilles heel; it's impossible to recommend it at that price, even when it's so good looking.