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Jony Ive anointed Apple's first ever Chief Design Officer

Jony Ive gets promoted

There's no question that Apple's Senior Vice President of Design and great tech innovator Jonathan Ive has become the company's chief visionary since Steve Jobs' passing, bringing the Apple Watch into existence and turning Mac OS X and iOS and the beautiful user experiences they are today.

Now, a promotion has recognised his immense design contribution, with Apple anointing Sir Jony Ive its first ever Chief Design Officer.

Ive revealed the news to Stephen Fry in an interview with The Telegraph.

Conceptually actually remarkable

The new role gives Ive the opportunity to focus more prominently on design, freeing him up from the administrative and management work that has taken up a lot of his time in the past. One of his first jobs will be to focus on Apple's Stores, which continue to pop up around the world.

Alan Dye will be put in charge of user interfaces, while Richard Howarth will be heading up industrial design, with Ive overseeing both.

According to a memo from Tim Cook, Ive will be handing off managerial duties to Dye and Howarth on July 1st.