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Want a 3D printer? Head on over to Staples

Staples 3D printer
Now you can print totally useless bowls!

3D printing is about to go a whole lot more mainstream thanks to one office supply chain.

Staples today announced today it's put Cube 3D Printers up for sale online and plans a limited retail store roll out by the end of June.

This looks to be a U.S.-only offer for now, with the Cube retailing for a reasonable $1,299.99 (no word on international pricing). Its ready to print in three dimensions out of the box, comes with Wi-Fi and 25 free, professionally designed templates (more are available online).

Unfortunately we don't think Dita Von Teese's little black dress is an offered design, but at least you get to choose the color of your new office/living room distraction.

Via Engadget

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