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Real steel: Japan wants to host first robot Olympics in 2020

Will it be ASIMO on the podium? Maybe if there's an event for drink pouring

Turns out, Robot Wars wasn't a satisfactory means of conflict resolution, so instead we're going to pit the cyborgs against one another in a test of athletic ability.

Japan's Prime Minister wants to use the 2020 Tokyo games as an opportunity to host a robot Olympics alongside. "In 2020, I would like to gather all of the world's robots and aim to hold an Olympics where they compete in technical skills," he said.

But while we'd love to see RoboCop tackle the luge, the lineup of events is probably more likely to include activities such as 'stair walking', 'extreme oiling' and maybe a round of football if we're lucky.


On your marks, get set, blips!

Via The Telegraph