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Fools Day round-up

Flying penguins

It's the day of the year when the gullible fear to leave their houses and the rest of us perfect our eye-rolling as we are overwhelmed by cheesy attempts to fool us all.

The pick of the April Fools this year has to go to the Google/Virgin collaboration over a trip to colonise Mars.

The 'adventure of many lifetimes' offers the opportunity to fly with ‘Virgle’ to the red planet with Richard Branson, Larry Page and Sergei Brin.

The tabloids have their normal slice of fun with The Sun talking about G-Parties where women can have injection that enlarge their G-Spots. Not to be outdone, The Mirror plump for video footage of flying penguins.

Earphones for dogs

The Register are running a story about how the CIA are calling for British websites to desist in ‘torturing’ their American readers and maybe, just maybe, the iPhone won’t be running Windows.

Meanwhile, our esteemed colleagues over on have gone April Fool's kerrrrrr-azy today, with a slew of spoof stories including stories about iPod mind-control kit and earphones for dogs.

We're still combing through the pages for the gags – and we'll keep you updated with all the best from April Fools' Day.