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QUIZ: 20 years ago, VR was Hollywood gold. Can you guess the film?

Guess the VR movie

20 years ago or thereabouts, Virtual Reality started to be the Next Big Thing. It captured the imagination of Hollywood and spawned a decade's worth of cyberpunk fashion, surreal music videos and just plain terrible movies on the topic.

Bad hair, bad suits, really rubbish computer graphics and what's with all the zooming-in-on-eyes?

Ok, they weren't ALL bad and looking back, we have fond memories of these films but not all of them gained best-seller status.

If you're old enough to have lived through VR 1.0, you might recognise all of these films, but you might also be too young to remember. Hopefully if you're the latter, we'll have given you an excuse to hunt down some of the most imaginative films you'll ever see. You're welcome.

So, tell us, can you guess the film?