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Apple Watch release date set for April

Apple Watch
Finally you'll be able to see tiny pictures of your friends right on your wrist

The Apple Watch will ship to consumers in April, Apple CEO Tim Cook revealed during the company's earnings call today.

The Apple Watch's release date has been speculated on endlessly ever since Apple announced last fall that it would be released in "early 2015."

Previous reports had Apple's first wearable launching in March, but Cook put those rumors to bed.

"The creativity and software innovation going on around Apple Watch is incredibly exciting," Cook said, as quoted by Engadget. "We can't wait for our customers to experience them when Apple Watch becomes available."

Cook didn't reveal a specific release date for the Apple Watch, but at least we can expect it to arrive in a few months' time. The Apple Watch has captured developer and user attention, but one of the biggest hurdles facing the wearable is its reportedly crummy battery life. Price is another concern; it starts at $349, likely north of £223 and AU$403.

The company also revealed during the call that it hit the 1-billion-iOS-devices-sold milestone back in November. If the Apple Watch succeeds, it may lead Apple to its two billionth device, though it stands an equal chance of failing.