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Steve Jobs confirmed for Apple's WWDC

The iPhone 4G was bigger than people expected
The iPhone 4G was bigger than people expected

It's official: Steve Jobs and his polo neck are confirmed to attend this year's WWDC, with the Apple head honcho noting that we "won't be disappointed" about what will be announced at the conference.

7 June is the date set for Apple's World Wide Developers' Conference – a crucial date in any Apple-fanatics' calendar as it usually means new hardware to drool over.

This year's conference is of no exception, considering that Apple's ship as been at its leakiest in 2010, with not one but two iPhone prototypes found.

Apple V Google

Due to illness, Jobs was not able to attend WWDC in 2009. The job of unveiling the iPhone 3GS went to Phil Schiller instead.

Although it's pretty much a certainty that Jobs at WWDC 2010 will unveil iPhone OS 4.0 and the iPhone 4G – or whatever name Apple ends up giving it – some have been asking questions how much of an impact a new iPhone will have on the market, considering the stranglehold Google has on smartphones at the moment, with its Android OS

In an email to MacRumors, though, Jobs insisted that there was "not a chance" that Google had beaten Apple in the smartphone market.

Let the battle commence.

Via Telegraph