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Report: HTC chair says no settlement with Apple

HTC smartphone
HTC remains defiant in its own patent battle with Apple

Will Apple's courtroom victory over Samsung cause other Android handset makers to throw in the towel and settle? Not likely, according to rival HTC.

HTC chairperson Cher Wang made it clear this week that her company has "no intentions" of settling with Apple in the wake of rival Samsung's defeat.

Citing the company's "great skills in innovation" along with "the confidence to face legal lawsuits with Apple," the HTC executive seems as defiant as ever.

Android under attack

While many pundits seem to paint Samsung's defeat as a setback for Google's entire Android platform, HTC believes there is nothing to fear from Apple's win.

Wang notes that a Samsung loss "does not mean the failure of the entire Google Android ecosystem" and plans to see their own patent lawsuits with Apple through to the bitter end.

Taiwan's HTC is rumored to be introducing at least three new handsets within the next month, and Wang sounds confident "the future will get better."

Via DigiTimes