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Apple's App Store takes millions every month

iPhone sales
Personally, I use Cydia on my iPhone...

It's well documented that the iPhone App Store has been a roaring success since it opened in 2008, but the sheer numbers being rung up on Apple's till are worth closer inspection.

According to analysts at AdMob, the iTunes-based software outlet is currently taking almost £123 million a month, or nearly £1.5 billion a year.

Coining it in

Put another way, that means the market for iPhone games, add-ons and utilities sucks in a staggering £2,850 each and every second of the day.

As with many things connected to Apple, the numbers are certainly not official, but we can have confidence in AdMob's findings, as the methodology is laid out for all to see.

Add-ons are popular

The company breaks the data down further to reveal the surprising finding that iPod touch users actually spend slightly more at the App Store than do iPhone owners, however the fact that over 40 per cent of people with either device spend money on apps is impressive.

By comparison, AdMob says only 19 per cent of Android phone owners pay for new software, although that is likely to grow when more phones come out and the amount of software available increases too.

Via GigaOm