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Centrino laptops get speed boost, price cuts

Intel's Centrino chipsets were refreshed earlier on in the year

According to reports, Intel is to launch a faster mobile part on 2 September that will result in lower Core 2 Duo pricing.

The T7800 will, according to paperwork seen by The Register, be the new high-end of the Core 2 Duo mobile range. The chip will be clocked at a hefty 2.6GHz and will have an 800MHz front side bus (FSB) speed plus 4MB of L2 cache. However, unlike the Core 2 Extreme X7800 there will somewhat predictably be no capability to overclock.

The existing T7200 will get a bus bump - 800MHz from 667MHz - but the cores will remain clocked at 2GHz.

The main result of the arrival of the new chips is that pricing will drop across the rest of the range. The T7800's arrival will mean the T7700 and T7500 prices will tumble. The Register reports sizeable price cuts are in the offing.

When bought in batches of 1,000 by manufacturers the T7700 is likely to fall to $316 (£159) from $530 (£266) and the T7500 down from $316 to $241 (£121). That'll mean cheaper laptops in the middle of the range, so keep an eye out for cheaper models featuring those parts during September.