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New music download comparison site launches

CompareDownload - the place where you can, er, compare downloads
CompareDownload - the place where you can, er, compare downloads

In a bid to make things a bit clearer in the music download market, a new website has launched which compares the price of music downloads from the big-hitters. has catalogued the music tracks from the likes of iTunes UK, Amazon UK, 7 Digital,, Tesco Digital and We7 and is boasting information on over 10 million tracks.

So much more

"The inspiration for the site was born out of frustration at having to search through a range of stores to find the music I wanted at the right price," says's founder James Bott about the new online service.

"As the site developed, it was clear it could be so much more than just a price comparison site: to get everything that I wanted as a music fan I used to have to hunt through dozens of sites."

Better transparency

According to its makers, the site will also have music news available and there's even a section where you can buy gig tickets.

"No longer are you tied to one provider: through our ground-breaking search technology, CompareDownload brings transparency to the music download industry," explains co-founder Darren Sher.

Try out CompareDownload, which is in its beta stage, by pointing your browser to

Via MusicWeek