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The Air Poo – Mac-enabled future toilet

Don't waste time on the toilet ever again

As spoofs go, this one raised a chuckle in the TechRadar office this morning. The Air Poo is surely the ultimate iAccessory for the productivity-focused exec who cannot afford to lose valuable work time due to unnecessary distractions, such as having to take a morning dump.

A dream tech-toilet

The Air Poo comes fully supplied with a dock for your iPod and iPhone to ensure you are fully charged for the morning commute after your morning ablutions.

It also features surround sound speakers for on-the-toilet entertainment and - this is the real deal-maker - a built-in docking system for your shiny new MacBook Air and a built-in 802.11 wireless router.

Warm bottoms

Topping off this impressive list of features is the customised heated seat and multi-touch flusher. We’ve sat on some rather bizarre computerised toilets in Japan before, but this one really does take it to the next (i-)level.

Shame it’s not real.