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Funny or Die is making a Steve Jobs biopic as well

Funny or Die making a Steve Jobs biopic as well
Jobs - no shortage of biopics on the way

If Ashton Kutcher as Steve Jobs shakes you to the (Apple) core or you can't handle the truth in Aaron Sorkin's likely walking-and-talking-heavy Jobs film, you may be delighted to hear that Funny or Die is also making a movie about the deceased Apple co-founder.

As one of the icons of the tech world, it remains to be seen if Funny or Die is prepared to lampoon Jobs, although the site freely admits that script-research amounted to a quick perusal of Jobs' Wikipedia entry.

On the bright side, Justin Long has been cast as Jobs, with Lost's Jorge Garcia in the Woz role.

"It's very silly," writer Ryan Perez told the New York Times. We bet.

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