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Toshiba announces new self-encrypting HDD, targets public sector

Toshiba invites governments to take new HDD for a spin

Toshiba has unveiled a new government-grade hard disk drive (HDD) that automatically encrypts data and comes with a defensive erasure system to prevent sensitive data loss.

The MQ01ABUxxxBW series is a thin 7mm HDD with SATA interface designed for laptops and comes in two capacities: 320GB and 500GB.

The drive complies with the US Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) 140-2 and has been designed to meet the Opal Security Sub-Classification from the Trusted Computing Group.

Security conscious

Among the security features present are an SED-based encryption system, which encrypts data on a hardware level at full interface speeds, unlike software-based encryption and doesn't therefore impact on performance.

This encryption feature also cannot be disabled, preventing any possible failure to meet security policies in government facilities.

It also comes with an ATA Enhanced Secure Cryptographic Erase function, which will automatically delete data if the drive is accessed by an unregistered system.

An additional wipe feature allows the drive to be completely cleared of all data in the event of retiring it or returning it to a third party. The drive is available now for ODMs/OEMs and pricing was not revealed.