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Volvo and Ericsson dreaming of a sentient car?

Getting connected

We stopped by Ericsson's impressive booth (one which is about half the size of a football pitch) at MWC 2014 to chat with Klas Bendrik and Charlotta Sund, respectively VP and CIO of Volvo and VP Industry and Society at Ericsson.

Klas expanded on Volvo's concept of the autonomous driving car, saying that it is the latest in defining trends that have shaped the automotive industry since its inception.

Volvo's CIO was adamant that the concept of autonomous driving is the next paradigm shift in the evolution of the car, one that may even produce a sentient car.

It will transform the current ecosystems, bring in new players and even potentially change the way cars are acquired, used and considered.

A Swedish partnership

Volvo has enlisted the help of fellow Swedish communication powerhouse, Ericsson, to help it achieve this vision by making of the car, a de facto, native connected vehicle that is part of Ericsson's vision of a networked society.

Charlotta acknowledged the fact that it is still early days and that autonomous driving will require all parties to focus even more on user security.

She added that 5G is likely to be part of the mix and that the industry and various stakeholders will eventually produce industry standards to regulate and harmonise various technologies being developed.