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Anti-crime car satnav warns where not to park

The NV-SD700DT includes data on the areas most prone to car crime

See that little red dot near the bottom of the display on Sanyo's newest car satnav system? That's a warning against parking your car there unless you want to have it broken into for all the high-tech goodies on the dashboard.

The latest Gorilla-branded car GPS system from the Tokyo firm is the ¥105,000 (£520) NV-SD700DT, which has a very healthy 7-inch touchscreen, a 1-seg digital TV tuner, 4GB of flash memory and that anti-theft guidance we mentioned.

Red dot means danger

Alongside the usual navigation data, including various guides to shops and restaurants, Sanyo has included data from the Japanese police on the areas most prone to car crime. Hotspots are indicated in red, a colour that changes as the crims recede.

It's a very nice idea and we're sure we'll see it replicated in the West soon, but Sanyo has so far managed to get data from just one Japanese city (Osaka). Oh, and there's basically zero car crime in the country anyway.