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‘Mini me’ for Arcam’s Solo

Small wonder: Arcam’s new Solo Mini

Arcam’s Solo, its first all-in-one hi-fi system, was a runaway success for the well-liked Cambridgeshire hi-fi specialist. It offered a CD player, amp and DAB/FM tuner in one ‘audiophile’ box and spawned DVD-equipped versions, such as the popular Solo Movie 5.1 and stereo-only 2.1.

Now the firm has shrunk the winning formula with the new £650 Solo Mini.

Not big, but it is clever

Arcam points out that the new Mini is every bit a Solo – just smaller and sleeker. We’re told it retains the same ‘audiophile-grade’ CD playback (based on the DiVA CD73), plus the same DAB/FM tuner and high-current power amplifiers as the full size version.

Solo, with just a minor loss in absolute loudness (power is rated at 25watts). The mini gains top-mounted controls and yet retains the desirable aluminium fascia of its bigger brother. It also sports a large dot-matrix fluorescent display, full clock-radio facilities and easy iPod integration with Arcam’s optional rLead cable and rDock docking system.

It’s flexible too: the front panel has a USB input for additional media, plus there are five additional analogue inputs – four RCA at the rear and a 3.5mm jack at the front. Multi-room and whole house integration is built-in, too.