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'Latest generation' Roksan integrated revealed


Popular hi-fi specialist Roksan decided on a low-key launch for the latest version of its mid-priced Caspian M-series amp. The London-based firm takes an unusual stance on new product launches, favouring a rolling system of improvements using an unchanged model name.

This means that its latest amp still falls under the existing Caspian M-series moniker, despite the new features. Confused? Read on.

Watts in a name?

Roksan’s UK distributor, Henley Designs, is referring to the new amp as the “2008 version”, or “New Generation”, in an attempt to provide some clarity for consumers. The ’08 Caspian M-series amp will now feature a split mode power supply module – based on that of its bigger brother the Caspian monoblock – and will have its input stage fully isolated from its output stage.

Visual indicators will include a new silver fascia with red indicator lights and a new cover, which should provide greater ventilation. Further improvements are said to include a high-quality mains inlet filter and a dedicated output protection board.

Power is up 20 per cent to 80 watts, rising to 120 watts into a four-ohm load. Roksan says the new improvements bring better timing, detail and loudspeaker control.