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Compact version of Jamo range-topper unveiled

Danes done good, the new smaller dipole R 907

Danish speaker expert Jamo is to release an affordable version of its radical R 909 dipole flagship speaker in the spring.

Launched two-and-a-half years ago, the original cut-away R 909 was distinctive with an unusual cabinet-free design - the speaker comprised a conventional baffle with a metal spine at the rear. Now the EISA award-winning flagship model has spawned a smaller dipole model, called the R907.

Coned to perfection

The newcomer employs dual 300mm (12-inch) cones - as opposed to the 15-inch drivers in the R 909 - and is approximately 20 per cent shorter and 15 per cent slimmer than its predecessor overall. Its operation is identical in principle, however, and follows the theory that the ideal speaker shouldn't have a cabinet - thus avoiding cabinet-induced resonance.

The R 907 maintains the same midrange drive unit as the original R 909, but in place of the R 909's Scanspeak Revelator tweeter unit, the company is implementing a variant of its Decoupled Tweeter Technology (DTT). This 25mm silk-dome tweeter is decoupled and fully suspended from the rest of the speaker, which Jamo says reduces distortion and results in "uncommonly detailed" high frequencies.