UK businesses ignoring security breaches

New research by hosting business The Bunker reveals UK businesses have an awareness of security breaches reported in the media, but they're unwilling to do anything to prevent it happening in their own business.

Over two thirds (67%) of respondents to The Bunker Security Survey 2012 reported security breaches at Sony, NASA, and the FBI etc had raised their awareness to the potential security problems, however almost half have subsequently done nothing to increase their own security measures, and many are taking huge risks on a daily basis, almost two in five (39.5%) respondents considered at least one aspect of their security to be ineffective.

"Many businesses fail to give security the attention it deserves" Peregrine Newton, CEO of The Bunker

In terms of high and low risk, viruses and malware were considered high risk threats to the business by almost three quarters of respondents (72%). Vulnerability to loss of data through theft or data loss was not far behind (67%) and over half of the respondents considered employees accessing sensitive information as a high risk.

Commenting on the results, Peregrine Newton, CEO of The Bunker said, "Many businesses fail to give security the attention it deserves until they themselves have been the victim of a breach. Yet by this point the impact will often already have been devastating in both reputational and financial terms. In a difficult financial climate it's imperative that organisations heed the warnings of previous well-publicised attacks on their peers."

The Bunker Security Survey 2012 report, including the full findings and recommendations to put organisations on the right track, is now available to download from