MiniDuke spyware strikes government and criminals

Good and evil

A mysterious organization is using the MiniDuke malware to sneakily collect data from usual targets - such as government entities, in addition to less traditional ones - such as drug dealers.

According to Kasperky Labs researchers, who first unearthed the spyware last year, the group behind MiniDuke might be working on order for law enforcement agencies, government entities or even other criminal gangs.

Speaking to the Guardian, Vitaly Kamluk, principal security researcher at Kaspersky, identified their mode of operation as being "more like underground cyber criminals than a typical nation state", which is what made them stand out.

MiniDuke originally exploited a flaw in the popular Adobe Acrobat Reader and was a highly targeted, highly customised attack that made use of "extremely effective social engineering techniques".

So much so that the founder and CEO of Kaspersky Lab, Euguene Kaspersky, described it as very unusual, adding, "I wonder if these types of malware writers, who have been in hibernation for more than a decade, have suddenly awoken and joined the sophisticated groupf of threat actors active inthe cyberworld".


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