Download of the Day: Internet Download Manager

Our daily pick of the best Windows software

Grabbing downloads straight from web pages has been made incredibly simple by web browsers yet problems can occur if you accidentally close down the browser mid-download. Using an external download manager is key to preventing this and Internet Download Manager is among the best out there at providing that service.

Why you need it

Downloading content from websites has almost become too easy since browsers began doing the job for you and Internet Download Manager allows you to wrest back some of that control without losing out on any speed.

The small program is at its best when integrated with your favourite browser to take over the task of downloading content and giving you an overall view of any files that have been obtained. Any downloads are then listed in the program's main page and able to be managed outside the browser, meaning they can be installed when you're ready.

Downloading programs straight from the browser is just a small part of what Internet Download Manager is all about. Anyone that has ever shut down their browser in the middle of a large download will know the pain of having to try to start it up again and it, nine times out of 10, failing. Internet Download Manager can recover these downloads via its unfinished tab and resume them from where they stopped to save time.

Like other utilities, ISPs often offer more bandwidth for those downloading files at less busy times of the day and Internet Download Manager's scheduling function can be set to only grab files at those times to prevent you incurring significant usage bills. It can even be set to power off the computer once it has finished.

Even though it doesn't offer an onboard search feature the fact that it's so lightning quick at getting downloads started is proof in itself that you should give Internet Download Manager a try.

Key features

Works on: Windows 7 and 8.1

Price: Free

Neat and tidy: Internet Download Manager keeps all your downloaded files finished or incomplete all in one place to be manager and installed whenever you are ready.

Resume incomplete files: Browsers often don't let you resume big files once you finish your session and this program has a special facility to allow you to resume those files as and when you're ready.

Scheduled downloads: For those that have capped data and need to download at certain times of the day this can be set up easily from within the program.