Ballmer digs at Apple with Windows Phone 7 launch

Highlights multi-tasking and offers Adobe olive branch

Steve Ballmer might have been in Barcelona to launch the latest version of Windows Mobile, but he couldn't resist highlighting the differences between his company and Apple.

The main swipe came in an advert clearly designed to show the public that Microsoft has 'fixed' one of the main problems with the iPhone - the lack of multi-tasking.

In the advert, a woman is 'forced' to open a series of doors one at a time to fitness apps, Google Maps with an iPhone-a-like pin and weather updates.

Flash flush

And while a major flaw was highlighted in the Q&A session over Windows Phone 7 Series, namely that it doesn't support Flash video, Ballmer was quick to highlight his company's stance:

"It doesn't mean we don't want to work with Adobe, there's just no support out of the gate."

Steve Jobs has been criticised by Adobe for not supporting Flash on the iPhone and iPad, with the CEO hitting back by stating that the platform was too buggy for his devices.

The new series of Windows Phones will have a number of upgrades over the previous incarnations, namely strong social networking integration, live 'tiles' to show a wealth of information and gaming and multimedia support through the Xbox Live and Zune platforms.


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