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PandaWare TimeCache 8.0 review

If you have multiple clients and projects, TimeCache can ensure your billing is accurate

TimeCache 8.0
TimeCache 8.0 lets you manage your projects and clients with ease

Our Verdict

Performs record-keeping and invoicing tasks well


  • Reflects real-world billing needs
  • Supports retainers & expenses
  • Clear, easily usable interface


  • Might be overkill for some users

The curiously named TimeCache is intended to help freelancers and small businesses track their work and the money they're owed, billing by time or by job. It succeeds well, although it takes patience to set up, and won't be worthwhile for those who have only a few clients and a predictable amount of invoices.

To start, you set up a record for each client and project, assign the projects to clients and set a payment rate for each project.

Then you can get to the heart of the application – the Daily Log, a timesheet where you note the work you've done, either entering hours manually or turning a timer on and off as you move from job to job. This data can then be exported to invoices or viewed in a comprehensive range of report formats, for example by date, client or project.

TimeCache 8.0

TAILOR-MADE: Tweak the options to set up records specific to you and your work (Click here for high res version)

The interface is as clear as it can be given the vast number of options available, and there are ample keyboard shortcuts. Plenty of thought has gone into TimeCache: it supports retainer payments and charged-on expenses, for example, exchanges data with iCal and Address Book, gives you more control over invoices, and even lets you track active applications to create an audit trail of your working days. A workgroup version, TimeCache Manager, is also available.

If you have lots of clients, and particularly if you bill by the hour, TimeCache is well worth the effort.

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