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Nova Gaming Slider X600 review

Is this a gaming mouse to rival the dominance of the legendary G9?

Nova Gaming Slider X600
As you can see the Gamer Slider X600 is about as anti-lefty as a tin-opener

Our Verdict

Although pricey, the Slider X600 offers super smooth operation with solid response and accurate controls, but only if you're right handed


  • Great comfortable design
  • Smooth as silk


  • No left handed version
  • Bit expensive

Nova Gaming's Slider X600 mouse arrived in a transparent plastic presentation case that required a tiny screwdriver to extricate it from its little stand within. It was infuriating.

Luckily, we're objective enough not to let such things distract us from checking out what's a very good device. It may be resolutely anti-leftie, like so many other moulded mice, but for the right-handed folk of this world, it's a pleasure to cradle in the mitt.

The slightly slanted wheel is a nice touch and the thumb buttons are well positioned to avoid the accidental strike that can oftentimes blight the FPS. Especially when something makes you jump. Not that it happens to us, of course. We absolutely never get scared when playing a game…

The best thing about the Slider though is the fantastic feet. It may seem a strange thing to enthuse about, but the mouse moves so freely it's practically frictionless, especially on a quality mouse mat.

In fact the only problem with the Slider X600 is the price. At £60 it's £20 more expensive than the Logitech G9. That particular rodent has been out a fair while, but is still the finest mouse we've ever laid paws on.

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