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CoolerMaster CM Storm Sentinel Advance review

CoolerMaster has released a new line of gaming peripherals, but are they any good?

CoolerMaster CM Storm Sentinel Advance
This offering from CoolerMaster has hit the ground running and will offer plenty of hours of fragging fun

Our Verdict

A great mouse for a first release that is easy to use and super smooth


  • Good features
  • Super-smooth travel


  • DPI buttons would be better on the side

CM Storm is Coolermaster's new gaming-focused off-shoot bringing us new peripherals such as this, the Sentinel Advance gaming mouse. Aimed squarely at the gamer or, more precisely, at the sort of person that will justify spending £50+ on a mouse or keyboard.

But how does it stand up against the wealth of experienced gaming gear that's on the market already? Very, very well indeed actually.

Normally, I'd be expecting to trot out the familiar 'not bad for a fi rst effort' sorta thing, but the Sentinel Advance has hit the ground running. It's also great that I can legitimately sit in the office playing MW2 after I've finished reviewing it to test this li'l rodent.

The most noticeable thing about this mouse, multi-coloured LEDs aside, is the smoothness of the travel it produces. My usual review mouse is the Sidewinder X8, a great mouse in its own right, but put up against the Sentinel Advance in MW2 and the smoother travel made sighting and tracking the enemy far easier.

The on-the-fly DPI changer make it simple to adjust sensitivity settings and coupled with the, now ubiquitous, ability to store your preferences and switch those with a button-click make it a feature rich rodent.

In fact, my only real issue with this mouse is the positioning of the forward/backward buttons; in gaming terms, I'd much rather have those two on the horizontal like the Sidewinder mice, but that is indeed a minor niggle.

That aside the Sentinel is an impressive fi rst gaming mouse from the CM Storm label. I'd still go for the G9, but at £40 the Sentinel isn't pricing itself out of the market.

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