Archos Genius Traveler 355 Laser review

The next step forward for the humble mouse

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Our Verdict

An innovative product that works as well as it promises to


  • Works well

    Well made

How do you turn the humble mouse in to an innovative, dare we say it - sexy - product? We've had the optical/laser revolution, wireless desk rodents and of course the mousewheel, so where next?

Genius' answer is to combine two of these enhancements to create the world's first OptoWheel mouse.

It's an optical sensor mounted in place of the standard mouse wheel which reads the motion of your finger over the slightly rounded sensor plate. It's very accurate and easily as responsive as any of the mousewheels you'll have used before.

You might expect there to be some erroneous twitching as you move your fingers about on the buttons to either side of the optic, but it only responds to definite movements on its surface.

The mouse itself is a designed for use on the move, and as such feels very lightweight, but not in an irritating way. It's solidly constructed and the buttons - including the sensor plate itself, which acts as the third mouse button - are all reassuringly responsive.