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Archos 204 MP3 player review

Archos' latest media player leaves us cold

Archos 204 MP3 player: featuring a nipple that will make your thumb hurt

Our Verdict

The Archos 204 is adequate, but unfortunately no more than that


  • Does what it says without strings attached


  • Fiddly to work

The Archos 204 is a 20GB music player that'll happily sing WMV, MP3, WMA (and protected) file formats and features the holiest of holies when it comes to MP3 players as far as I'm concerned - drag and drop uploading.

I hate having to install extra software on my rig just to move plain old data files from my hard drive to what is essentially an external storage device.

So why am I all shivery? The answer, of course, concerns nipples. The Archos has a nipple that makes my thumb hurt from all the tweaking. I hate nipples.

Not on general principals mind you. If the nipple worked well I'd have no complaints, but it takes ages to scroll through all 3,000-odd tracks that I have on the player and it hurts my little thumbs. Gimmie a wheel-scroller any day. The screen is also a little rough and ready. There's a definite flicker, and the GUI is far from elegant.

All this leaves me in something of a quandary. There are far better players out there but they all come with software strings attached. The Archos asks nothing of you and when all's said and done, does what it's supposed to, so it's not exactly bad. It's just not all that good either.