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Gear4 ProControl AV review

Play music, photos and movies from your iPod on your TV or home stereo

Gear4 ProControl AV
The ProControl AV's dark styling suits the iPod touch rather nicely

Our Verdict

A great, no-nonsense way of connecting your iPod to your stereo or television


  • Sturdy build quality
  • Connects with a good range of iPods
  • Has all the leads you need
  • Five Universal Dock standard adapters
  • Syncs and charges as well


  • Not properly iPhone compatible

The Gear4 ProControl AV is a simple iPod dock that enables you to connect your iPod to your TV or home stereo and also sync it with your Mac while charging the iPod.

It comes with a remote control and all the cables you need in the box, including a handy SCART adapter.

You get enough plastic bezels (called Universal Dock Adapters) in the box to deal with connecting most types of iPods too, so you can be sure your iPod will sit nicely in the dock, and because it uses the Universal Dock standard, you can be sure of future iPod compatibility.

Sync your iPod with your TV

We tested the ProControl with the new iPod nano fourth generation and the iPod touch second generation, and it worked extremely well.

Being able to watch your iPod videos on your TV is a lot of fun, and connecting your iPod to a stereo is a useful feature that many people are looking for.

It certainly saves you from buying a whole new stereo system that's iPod compatible.

Cheaper option

We can't fault the ProControl really, it does exactly what it promises. The real issue is how the Gear4 model differs from Apple's own Universal Dock. In fact it doesn't: with Apple's Universal Dock you also get an Apple Remote and the ability to charge, sync and connect to your TV and stereo.

Gear4's remote has a lot more buttons on it, such as a useful shuffle button and a mute button, and you also get all the leads you need in the box, which you don't with the Apple product – you'd need to buy them separately.

But the real difference is the price. If you want to buy Apple's Universal Dock (£29) and Apple's Composite AV Cable (£29) you've just spent almost £60, whereas Gear4's ProControl will only set you back £50.

If you're looking for a way to save money and don't mind that your dock doesn't come in Apple white then the Gear4 ProControl AV could be just what you're looking for.