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This rugged smartphone is the perfect everyday connected tool for SMBs

Different tasks require different tools and sometimes a consumer smartphone simply doesn’t deliver; especially if you’re out and about and don’t know where you will be operating next week or next year.

For these scenarios, you need something that is not only reliable but also solidly built, capable of handling harsh outdoor conditions – great if you’re a field worker - while offering an unparalleled level of flexibility without breaking the bank. Too much to ask?

Well, not if you’re talking about the TC25. Zebra Technologies’ latest ruggedised smartphone hits all the right notes with a compact body that fits nicely in the user’s hand and comes with some really useful features, many of which are unheard of for a device in this price range.

The hardware

Designed to withstand hot and cold environments as well as dusty ones, the Zebra TC25 is IP65-rated. The device has been tested to MIL-STD 810G standards meaning that it will withstand much more than just tumbles and drops at work.

The TC25 delivers the same award-winning Zebra 2D barcode scanning technology that powers many of the world’s best field service teams. It can accurately capture barcode information, even where labels are faded, damaged or dirty. 

Based on Zebra own field testing, the TC25 can capture barcodes substantially quicker than the cameras on consumer smartphones, saving time and making site visits more efficient.

Great when you’re a courier or postal worker having to deliver dozens of parcels every day. Savings of a few seconds for every delivery can translate into significant savings over the course of a year.

The device comes with an 8-core CPU which makes it fast enough to load even the most complex business apps, manage inventory and perform back-of- store applications. With 16GB onboard storage and a microSD card slot, users have access to almost unlimited storage capacity.

Transferring large amount of data shouldn’t be an issue thanks to fast wireless connectivity technology. It not only handles all the major 4G and VoLTE bands for voice calls but also 802.11ac Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.2 BLE. For security purposes, the phone doesn’t have a front facing camera but it does have a rear 8-megapixel rear one to instantly document everything.

And while having a smaller, low-resolution display might seem counterproductive, it is not. A smaller display means that a worker can operate the smartphone with one hand only, handy when you’re doing field service. A low resolution translates into improved battery life and better performance.

Its 3,000mAh battery is sealed for improved reliability but you can boost it up with a PowerPack which greatly increases its battery life, adding to the device’s already impressive 10 hours, which should be already more than enough for a standard field worker’s shift.

Find out more about the TC25 here

Show-stopping features

There’s a real barcode scanner built in the TC25, making it one of the cheapest devices on the market to sport one. No need to take blurry pictures of barcodes that will negatively impact workforce productivity and the company’s bottomline. 

The TC25 also doubles as a handy walkie-talkie (offering the option of voice or text) with other compatible Zebra mobile devices with the Workforce Connect PTT Express (free, inside four walls) or Pro (Paid, outside four walls). Organizations can always reach their workers, providing teams with the collaboration required to improve customer service and workforce productivity.

There are also three easily accessible, brightly coloured, programmable buttons that give instant access to your most used features and applications.

The software and services

Zebra’s TC25 runs Android 7.1; you won’t find many shock-resistant handsets that runs on the penultimate version of Google’s Android.

The real USP of the handset though has to be Zebra’s own set of utilities: Mobile Extensions, StageNow, Enterprise Home Screen, SmartDex, DataWedge and EMM Tool Kit which add significant value to the mobility proposal. DataWedge for example allows you to send barcodes scanned straight into existing apps without need for prior modification and at no additional cost.

Zebra offers an optional Zebra OneCare™ SV service including LifeGuard™ for Android™ (guaranteed security updates) that delivers two years of coverage for normal wear and tear and device failure, direct technical support, a device diagnostics tool for onsite troubleshooting, priority repair turnaround time and free return for a low fee.

The TC25 delivers what very few ruggedised devices before it have managed to offer: a balanced solution that doesn’t cut on corners while hitting a very attractive price point.

 Find out more about the TC25 here