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Sharp LCD makes almost all colours visible

Sharp LCD
Sharp already has a range of stunning LCD displays

If you're in San Antonio, Texas, this weekend it might be worth popping into the symposium of the Society for Information Display for a glimpse of a new kind of LCD screen that promises an exciting breakthrough.

The display is Sharp's new 'Five Primary Color' LCD, which adds two more colours, cyan and yellow, to the typical red, green and blue of a normal monitor.

Blue like the ocean

Sharp says the result is a screen that can show colours not possible on a conventional LCD.

The press release explains: "Nearly all real surface colours can be rendered faithfully, including colours that have been difficult to render using conventional LCD monitors - the colour of the sea (emerald blue), brass instruments (golden yellow) and roses (crimson red), for example."

Power savings

Even better, the company also says the new screen is energy efficient, thanks to "more efficient use of light energy produced by the backlight".

When it becomes a commercial product, the screen is sure to find applications in art galleries and design studios.