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Oh yeah: Ouya hosting unveiling party same day as consoles ship

Ouya's coming out with style

March 28 is gearing up to be a doozy of a day for Ouya.

Not only is the gaming console set to start shipping to backers on the last Thursday of the month, the company is also hosting a hip unveiling party for the square device.

Yes, it's a coming out party for the US$99 gaming gizmo, but it's also a chance for the Kickstarter-backed project to thank its supporters, all who helped raise more than $8 million (around UK£5.2 million, AU$7.8 million) to make Ouya come true.

"There would be no Ouya without you," the invite reads. "Saying thank you isn't enough."

Ouya out

True to the tune of the invitation, the Ouya unveiling is a backers-only affair, but we do expect hardware to be on hand.

Hopefully, it will be near to what non-backers see when the console becomes widely available in June, though that may be wishful thinking as the company plans to keep tweaking the system as the weeks and months go on.

The March 28 unveiling should at least give us some decent parameters to operate under, however.

Stay tuned for upcoming news as Ouya's shindig inches closer.