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US Mac clone vendor to open physical shop in LA

Quo Computer will technically be breaking the OS X licence agreement

The week that Apple clone maker Psystar filed for bankruptcy protection in the US might not seem like the best time to set up a direct competitor, but that's exactly what Quo Computer says it's doing.

Quo's plan to sell its own hardware with Apple's OS X installed is even more daring than the Psystar web-only approach, as it also plans to open a bricks-and-mortar retail outlet in Los Angeles.

Sticking close

The company's founder, Rashantha De Silva, explained: "It's exciting. We are trying to stay as close to Apple as we can with our products".

However, as we all know, Apple's unlikely to be as excited as De Silva, particularly considering its currently suspended legal action against Psystar.

Three flavours

The Quo Computer shop in LA is due to open on Monday morning, offering three kinds of Mac desktop computers - the Life Q, Pro Q and Max Q.

Although nothing has been disclosed yet, it seems likely they'll start at around $900 (£556). Excluding the Mac mini, Apple's cheapest US desktop is the 20-inch iMac, which currently costs $300 (£185) more.

(Via CNET)